Reach Thousands of Prospects in Minutes With Bulk Text Messaging is a mass marketing tool built by marketers, for marketers. Send personalized text messages to thousands of prospects with one touch of a button.


Reach thousands of clients phones in a matter of seconds with a greater than 90% open rate.


No monthly fees. No contracts. Simply pay for the usage you need.


Utilize the man power of hundreds of people. Begin reaching thousands of prospects in a matter of SECONDS, driving consumers to YOU.

FEATURES strides to be ahead of the curve, constantly working to develop cutting edge features.

Catered Content

Customize content using prospect information to personalize your messages.

Stay Connected

View inbound text responses, calls, and target based on specific specifications.


Throttle speed of message sending with multiple numbers or toll free numbers

Local Presence

Need to connect to a particular country? No Problem, give us a call and we'll set you up!

API SMS Integration

Post leads directly into and automatically apply tags or send a text message instantly.

Simplistic Design

Our intuitive design makes it easy to navigate, easy to use, and easy to bring customers.

Affordable Pricing

No monthly fees. No contracts. We like to keep it simple, only purchase what is needed.


  • Text messages starting at .01
  • No phone number purchase required

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can I Send Messages?

We handle throttling for you! We use our bank of millions of long codes to push out the traffic as quick as you'd like.

What Happens If My Number Gets Spammed?

We handle all phone number purchases for you, no need to worry about burning out your numbers.

Why dont I have to purchase phone numbers? uses a bank of millions of phone numbers, sharing these long codes across all accounts. This allows us to handle number returns from spamming, as well as get as much content as you'd like to your consumers.